Grow Your Business By Using LinkedIn

Social Networking websites have become the most popular, quick and immediate method of communication. What the social networking user state does not realize is that these websites come with the great potential of covering various aspects professionally. For those who do, LinkedIn can be very effective for them. Start up by creating your personal page that will be specifically for your business. LinkedIn is a very professional setup that needs your active participation. If you will not take part in it seriously, your clients will not take you seriously.

The step-one of using LinkedIn

The initial step in making your business grow through LinkedIn is by doing research about the industrialists and inviting them to join your network. Most of these professional businessmen do not have their email IDs attached to their profile links due to matters of privacy; hence you have to do a little hard work before acquiring their means of contact. After finnaly finding their means of contact, you will be able to get to gain more information as well as the business criteria about them and their company. Learning this will ultimately help you undertake a successful business transaction with them.


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Why to go for LinkedIn

Before I talk about how LinkedIn can give you a push start in your business, it is important to know that why should one consider it as an option in the first place. Following statistics will help the small and middle-size business owners understand why they should go for LinkedIn:

  • There are over 120M users on LinkedIn and that number grows every day.
  • 69% of LinkedIn users have an annual salary of more than $60K per year.
  • 58% of local SMB’s report actively using LinkedIn to promote their business.
  • LinkedIn drives more B2B referrals than any other social media network.
  • Whether you are a B2C or B2B business; the LinkedIn social network will influence it positively and progressively.

LinkedIn grows your business

Lead Generation

LinkedIn allows you to surf around the users of its website by industry type and title in order to find the best contacts that are your Highest Potential Target Zone. You can also search for any desired company by typing their company name for any specific target customers. Moreover, people can also use LinkedIn to look for partners who fall in the type of field that you’re a part of. Make sure that your profile is always updated and has every type of information necessary for your potential clients to contact you and know about you.

Qualify Prospects

In order to qualify your interest, sending InMails VIA LinkedIn is a very prominent way. Instead of dialing a cold call, where your valuable time is wasted by putting your phone on hold and is randomly passed around various receptionists, InMail gives you the idea of being professionally connected with your client. InMail is a facility that enables you to directly contact your targeted company who are ready to know about you, your company’s business challenges and needs and thus are interested to undertake a business transaction with you. InMail users have been reportedly saying that “a three out of ten response to InMail requests” is positive!
So what are you waiting for? Leverage LinkedIn contacts for the development of your business as it works really fast!

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