3 Quick Ways to Get Traffic From Twitter

Many bloggers have found that Twitter can be a great source of traffic for their site. In fact, many have claimed that twitter is one of their top 10 traffic sources. It’s already been established that dropping your link on twitter and running doesn”t work in your favour. As with everything else on the Internet, you have to give to get. Twitter is no different. People will only share and retweet your material if you retweet theirs and establish some sort of rapport with them. Apart from these obvious steps, here are 3 other ways to get traffic from twitter.

Make Twitter lists and use them wisely

Divide your followers and the people you follow into lists. This way it’s easy to follow the hot or trending topics in your niche. Just go to your list and make a note of what your followers are talking about. Research your material (you can read up on some of the links they’re sharing) and write your own article. You can do any of the following:

You can collect what the big bloggers in the niche are saying, quote them in your post (with a link back to their site), and conclude by giving your own opinion on the subject.

You can research contrasting opinions on your subject and predict what you think will actually happen.
You can make a top 10 list based on all that you’ve read and researched.

Once your article is finished, share it with this list on Twitter and see it go wild. Without twitter lists, this sort of thing is really difficult to do because you’d have to trawl the entire web for the information you’re after. Twitter lists bring all the important information to the top of the pile for your easy pickings.


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Use twitter hashtags to work out what next to post

Whenever you log into your twitter account, the trending topics will show up on your home page. Go through these and check for the top ones in your niche. Promote the trending topics on your own twitter profile, accompanied by a similar article you’ve recently written, or one you wrote in the past. Make sure the articles are alike or this won’t work in the way you want it to. Now people reading (or searching for that popular article) will have a chance to see yours tagged onto to it. If your article is a contrast of the trending article you picked out, this will work even better. You’re not stealing traffic. You’re just making use of the traffic that are already following the subject, but who may not have known your article existed.

Make use of twitter search

Do you write about spring flowers? Well, just a casual search for ‘spring flowers’ on Twitter will show you all the people who’re tweeting that term. You can toggle the top buttons in the search to look for top posts or all the posts with your search term. I agree that this is a hit and miss, but it’s worth it: retweet the people who’re tweeting those terms. You can then tag them with your relative post and say it sheds more light, or it gives a different perspective of your chosen term.


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