How to recover USB external drive

There are various reasons behind to lose the data in your external USB drive. Users may plug in their external drive in different devices and due to this operation USB external drive will be in great damage of data loss like virus infected or any intermediate errors etc. So here we are now to solve this problem of how to recover files from USB and recover word document saved over.

Main factors that can cause data loss on USB external drive.

  • The computer is effected by a virus like there are so many viruses on the web, an antivirus software may not detect every virus. If you are using expired antivirus then USB external device can be easily affected by a virus. The data in your USB drive may get erased if it is affected by a virus.
  • When you see like losing data, just pull out the USB external drive directly from the line because when USB external drive is reading or writing data, somebody may hack and transfer files from your system so at that time you can’t find. At that moment there are two kinds of situation a) you may not actually see data in the drive or b) you can’t open the drive.


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Steps to recover USB external drive

A tool called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can perform USB data recovery, and it’s cost-efficient. It helps to recover your data and deleted files from recycle bin and it also find the virus infected files. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works in even the system is formatted, damaged, or deleted. This data recovery software supports all hardware like RAID, IPOD, USB, SD and memory cards etc.

Step 1. After downloading the software from the web, you need to click and open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the files which you want to recover. Hence, click on “NEXT” button to move to the next step.

Step 2. Now select the disk where you lost your information (data) and click on “Scan” button, then the software will be quickly scanning the selected disk to find all the selected files. If suppose you lost partition then just click on “Lost Disk Drives” and “Scan” to continue the recovery steps.

Step3. Once you done with scanning, you can preview all the listed recoverable files step by step and choose what you want out of them, then click “Recover” button to restore all of them once. Then save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid data overwriting or lose of data.

Therefore, we cannot perform external drive recoverywithout software. So you need to try different data recovery software and see what works for you.


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