5 Best Memory Apps For Android

In this fast growing world, sharp memory has become necessity. If you have sharp memory, then only you can expect success in any field of life. Well, do you know that you can your Android gadget to boost your memory? Yes, you heard it right as there are many apps for Android which you can use to boost your memory. Android’s official app store Google Play is filled with about 2.5 million apps and thousands of apps are related to boosting your memory. Selecting the best apps out of them can be task of pain. Therefore, I decided to create this post in which I am going to list the best apps for Android, that you can use to boost your memory. So let’s have a look at it.Memory apps for android 5 Best Memory Apps For Android

1. Memory Trainer

This is the best app to boost your memory. Scientists have proved that one can increase his/her memory by regular brain exercise. This is the concept on which this app is based on. The app comes with the brain exercise tips that can help you to optimize your memory. The app can help you to increase your concentration level as well, which is one of the biggest problem among all the students. Moreover, the app is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play.

2. MatchUp

This is the app i personally like for entertainment along with the memory boost up. You can use this app to optimize your memory and to increase your concentration. As the name of app suggests, in this app, you are provided with pair of cards that are in the hidden face manner. You need to flip the cards and to check the faces. When faces of any two cards get matched, you earn points. You can play this game alone with CPU or with your friends as well. The clock keep ticking and in the end the graph shows your memory performance and also gives tips for better performance next time. This app is good both for children and adults.


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3. Classic Simon

With over 1 million no. of downloads, this app surely deserve to be in this top 5 list. The app is based on simple concept and easy to understand as well. The difficulty of the game depends on your selection of level. You can select any mode, i.e. easy , medium or difficult according to your choice. You just need to repeat the colors and sounds in the same manner, in which they were played. Once you do it, you are rewarded with points and are promoted to next level.

4. Find Differences

This one I like personally. This app is about finding the five difference between any two images or spots. The idea is really awesome and this is what makes this app to deserve the ‘best’ tag. The popularity of the app is also clear from the no. of downloads. This app has been rated 4.5 stars and I will recommend this app to everyone.

5. Brain Genius Deluxe

This app is like complete pack of memory related games. Play the games and prove yourself as Genius, if you are. All the games are based on different concepts and come with scoring system. Play the games at your best and note down the scores. Compare it with your friends to check whether you are genius or your friend. Recommended app for kids.
There are many more apps for Android related to this category, but above listed are best. You should give them a try now.


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